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Our History with Classic, Sports, Veteran, Vintage Cars and Bikes...

Our association with classic cars and bikes began almost 70 years ago with our company founders grandparents. Growing up with classic cars around us in the family has contributed greatly to our love and appreciation of these wonderful machines.We believe that every vehicle is unique and deserves to be treated as such.  Our experience in the industry spans for more than 50 years of buying and selling. Originally specializing in only Mercedes and luxury European brands such as Porsche and Ferrari, our company now  deals in almost all marques from Alfa Romeo to Zagato.


Our Experiences and competitive advantages...

Our directors experiences in the various fields of businesses they are involved in also allow us to be able to deal with all facets of the motor industry. Our experience in import and export around the globe enables us to deal with our  international clients with confidence. We pride ourselves in our knowledge, reputation and contacts in the industry. This allows us to serve you, our client much better.


We also help  and assist with the location or shipment of your classic car, and through our network of trusted contacts, can point you in the right direction. Apart from what is normally advertised on our site, we also have access to many specialists and enthusiasts globally and nationally who are either seeking to buy or sell a classic or collectible motor car. If you are looking for a particular make or model, we would welcome the opportunity to assist in your prospective purchase or sale. In addition we can also arrange to inspect vehicles or bid on your behalf at auction if required.


We are also a proud South Australian owned business.


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Contact Information

Location: Seaford, South Australia 5169
Postal Address: GPO Box 2266, Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Phone: 0405 261 275
International: +61 405 261 275

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